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Spacers and Standoffs

Spacers and standoffs are used to connect items together with a specified distance. At Fastener Wholesale we offer comprehensive line of spacers and standoffs made of Metal, Brass, Aluminum, Nylon, Stainless steel, Steel. You will also find Hex and Round shape Spacers, Motherboard Standoffs, Brass Standoffs including Self Clinching Jack Screws. You can find your exact spacers and standoffs based on material, size and finish. These are available in both Metric and US units specifications and are zinc plated or Nickel plated. Our wide range ensures that you will find your requirement at our store.

Our full range includes, Hex Female Standoffs, Hex Male-Female Standoffs, Hex Spacers, Jack screws, Round Female Standoffs, Round Male-Female Standoffs, Round Spacers, Self-Clinching Standoffs. Materials include Aluminum, Brass, Nylon, Stainless Steel, Steel and in coating of either zinc plated or Nickel plated.